Year 2016 has been exceptionally adventurous for everyone at Hobnob. From *thinking* about how relevant and important an app is for an event, to *actually* going ahead and launching a platform to create event apps , we've covered a long journey in a relatively short time. Here's a glimpse of all that we've achieved

Experience the Evolution

Sameer Popli

Head of Product

"Hobnob is the culmination of over 5 decades' worth of expertise in Events and Technology aimed at enhancing customer experience and taking it to places it's never been before.

Over the years, technology has changed the way we receive information, communicate and interact with one another. And as we all know, smartphones are the one leading this change. It was around the same time that even in the events space, what we started noticing was that within the first 7-8 minutes of any conference, more than 3/4th of the audience started looking down at their phones.

This is where the whole idea to use mobile applications for events started taking shape. If people are looking heads-down on their phones, they might as well be glued to the event content and network with the people there, rather than checking their FB page and emails. However this wasn't easy considering the oh-so-many-last-minute changes that happen during the events.

That's why right from the beginning we focused on building a user-friendly platform for event organizers that would help them create, manage and analyze their own event mobile apps. All in a few clicks, all real time. Keeping users informed, updated and engaged at all times.

A one stop platform for Tata's that housed all the Group events and engaged the audience with its exciting features, taking user experience to the next level.

A multi-event app for the industry's leading conference - the vForum 2016 roadshow - that delivered content, engaged audience and provided real time updates. The numbers did all the talking here!

“The vforum India mobile app was an extremely unique platform to engage with our customers” - A L JAGANNATH, Director Marketing, VMware India

Demo Apps

With Hobnob, event organizers have the power to host and conduct both, single and multi-events effortlessly on a single platform.

Single Event App

For those organisations hosting only one event a year,
the Single Events App options is the best way forward.

Multi Event App

Multi events app is best suited for large organizations
holding multiple events in a year.