Redefining Experiences

Tapping the X-Factor

DASSAULT SYSTEMES, the leading multinational company for 3D design technology recently hosted its annual event the 3DEXPERIENCE FORUM 2016 in Bangalore and Mumbai on the 6th and 8th September 2016 respectively. The event garnered overwhelming support with a large attendance from experts and professionals from the industry

This year, the Forum focused on "Doing business in the Age of Experience”. Driving that thought home, 3DS went the extra mile to make the event truly experiential, personal and engaging, through the 3DX Forum multi-event App.

Taking the Forum to the fingertips of the audience, the app was an instant success with attendees hooked to their phones, engaging with event content through interactive in app features like conversations, e-Content and session feedback. These interactive in – app features boosted engagement and helped audience access all forum related information seamlessly on- the –go.

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