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CLOUDSEC INDIA 2016 - the leading internet security conference in Asia Pacific was recently held in Mumbai on 11th August and witnessed an overwhelming support from a large number of attendees. This event was hosted by Trend Micro and supported by international industry leaders, agencies, partner organizations and internet security professionals.

Dedicated to constantly changing the game and taking customer experiences to the next level, CLOUDSEC for the first time ever used a mobile app to enhance and gauge the attendees’ experience at the conference.

With the CLOUDSEC 2016 Mobile App Live in action, most of the audience was seen constantly engaging via the app on a real time basis resulting in it being a smashing success with more than 10,000 views. Audience were also seen actively accessing and sharing event information on the go via the app.

Keeping in sync with the main goal of the event, to gauge the audience pulse- the polls feature within the app managed to tap audience response patterns and behaviors in real time during the panel discussions where the moderator was asking questions and the results were screened live on the big screen, driving digital engagement to a new high.

The app elevated the event in two aspects. On one hand, it was a great resource for content, speaker information and logistical details, while on the other hand, people used it as an all in one tool to socialize, connect and engage with their peers as well as the event organizers.

Client Speak

“The CLOUDSEC Mobile app was a hit, it helped take the event to a different level – better engagement & sharing with the audience made the experience valuable!

It definitely spiked LIVE engagement with our attendees through Polls, Session Feedback & access to Sponsor Collaterals, helping capture data & making the event truly Digital!”

- SUCHITA VISHNOI, Director - Marketing (India & SAARC), Trend Micro

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