Supply Chain Conference

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The Innovation Mantra

The Supply Chain Conference, an annual initiative for the Internal Supply Chain departments at Hindustan Unilever Limited (HUL), was held on 30th-31st August 2016 in Kochi and witnessed overwhelming support from a large number of attendees.

With an aim to showcase the nuances of the supply chain on a single platform, HUL wanted to bring alive the event by ensuring its content was interactive, accessible and engaging for the audience.

And so they hopped onboard the digital bandwagon with a one stop mobile app curated specifically for this conference. Taking the event to the fingertips of the audience, the Karnival de Kochi’s mobile app facilitated seamless digital engagement with the attendees and posed as a handy and convenient one stop information portal for the conference.

Enhancing the event and making it more experiential, the app fuelled increased engagement levels with over 54,000 views and saw an active audience seen constantly engaged on interactive features like Conversation, polls, quizzes and travel details. The ecommerce zone too was a huge hit. An innovative extension of app - the ecommerce zone was created on ground where delegates used their individual QR codes available on the app to pick up their event kits. This feature replicated the ecommerce supply chain resonating with the very essence of the event.

Client Speak

The app definitely played a significant role in making the event more experiential! We were happy with the engagement level it brought to the event with our audience most active on Conversation, polls and quizzes.

A must mention is the convenience the entire registration process going in app including travel details was a WoW and it helped us to organize such a big event

Another innovative aspect was our e-checkin process An Amazing extension of app - the check in was created on ground where delegates used their app to pick up their event kits . It definitely made the process smoother for delegates

- Tapasvi Jhalani, - Manager-Customer Service, Hindustan Unilever Limited.

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